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Marine Report 1.3.19


St. Mary Parish Sheriff Blaise Smith advises that over the last 7 days, the Marine Section of the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to the following incidents:


Stranded Boat:  December 30, 9:00 pm, Wax Lake Delta

Deputies with the Marine Section were contacted by dispatch in reference to four juveniles who were overdue from a hunting trip at the Wax Lake Delta.

The deputies made contact with the mother of one of the young hunters, who stated that she was in contact with another parent who was monitoring the juveniles via GPS on one of the juvenile’s phone. She said they seemed to be moving on the water according to the GPS. The deputies advised her to remain in contact and update them with any progress. 

Later, she updated the deputies that they couldn’t make contact with the juveniles and that the GPS was again showing them to be stationary on the water.  The deputies requested a screenshot of the GPS location as they geared up and headed to the Calumet Cut launch.

As the deputies arrived at the Calumet, they were advised by the parent that she was able to establish communication with the juveniles and advised that they reported that they were headed back to the launch.  The deputies remained at the boat launch until the juveniles arrived safely.


Stranded Boat:  December 31, 9:45 am, Atchafalaya River Delta. 

Deputies with the Marine Section were contacted by dispatch in reference to a stranded duck hunter on the Atchafalaya River Delta. The hunter was experiencing engine trouble and was in need of assistance. 

The deputies made contact with the hunter via cell phone. The hunter stated that he and two other hunters were on their way back from hunting when they started having trouble with their outboard motor and they tied up their vessel to a camp.  The deputies launched a vessel and traveled to the camp where the hunters were located and towed the hunter’s boat back to the Berwick Boat Launch without incident. 


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