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Marine Report- August 7, 2019


St. Mary Parish Sheriff Blaise Smith advises that over the last 7-day reporting period, the Marine Section of the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to the following incident:

Stranded Vessel:  July 30, 2:38 pm, Weeks Bay. 

Deputies with the Marine Section were contacted by the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office in reference to a stranded vessel in Weeks Bay.

The U. S. Coast Guard received a distress call from a vessel in Weeks Bay but were unable to obtain additional information nor regain communication with the vessel.

SMPSO Marine deputies launched the SMPSO Marine Patrol Vessel and responded to the location. Upon arrival, marine deputies and deputies with the IPSO Marine Section and began the search of Weeks Bay between the Delcambre Canal and Weeks Island Salt Mine. After searching, the USCG and IPSO Marine Section called off the search.


Contact Information:

Public Information Officer

St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office