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St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office Adds New sUAS (Drone) Section



Sheriff Scott Anslum announces a new section for the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office, a sUAS (small unmanned aerial system), or Drone Section. The sUAS section will be useful in several applications, one of them being in Search and Rescue missions.

For the past few months, Major John Kahl has worked closely with the Federal Aviation Administration to write a COA (Certificate of Authorization) for the St. Mary Sheriff’s Office. The COA spells out the mode of operations that are mission-specific for the use of drones in law enforcement. The COA covers flight plans, maintenance, ground personnel, and other responsibilities needed to use drones in a law enforcement agency.

Additionally, three employees of the Sheriff’s Office have obtained their Part 107 FAA pilot sUAS licenses which enhances the abilities of the agency to operate in situations safely and legally.

“This capability will add to our public safety services in emergency situations,” said Sheriff Scott Anslum.

A drone with camera and its controlled, designed with the US Flag.


Public Information Officer

St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office