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Marine Report 12.26.18


St. Mary Parish Sheriff Blaise Smith advises that over the last 120-hour reporting period, the Marine Section of the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to the following incidents:


Stranded Boat:  December 21, 9:36 am, Wax Lake Delta. 

Deputies with the Marine Section were on regular patrol when they were contacted by dispatch in reference to a stranded hunter on the Wax Lake Delta. The deputies attempted to reach the stranded boat but were unable to reach them due to the low tide. The deputies contacted Wildlife and Fisheries who were going to launch an airboat in order to reach the stranded hunters. While in contact with the hunters by phone, the deputies were advised that the hunters were able to free their vessel and were en route back to the boat launch.


Stranded Boat:  December 24, 12:40 am, Atchafalaya River Delta (Ratcliff Pass). 

Deputies with the Marine Section were called out in reference to a vessel aground near the mouth of the Atchafalaya River. Dispatch advised that the boater stated that he had run aground in the fog leaving Halters Island and was lost. The deputy made contact with the boater who provided GPS coordinates of his location. The boater further advised that three of the people with him were juveniles.

The deputies responded to the coordinates and observed the stricken vessel, however they could not get within 600 yards of the vessel. The deputies then contacted the U.S. Coast Guard due to the juveniles being on board.

The U.S. Coast Guard helicopter arrived and airlifted the six individuals to the Perry Flying Center in Patterson where a patrol deputy provided transportation for the individuals back to the boat launch area. All six individuals were safely returned to their vehicle at the Berwick Boat Launch.


Stranded Boat:  December 24, 9:00 am, Wax Lake Delta (Pintail Pass). 

Deputies with the Marine Section were called out in reference to a vessel stuck on a mud flat with engine trouble. The deputies made contact with the stranded boater who stated that while duck hunting he and his friend had gotten stuck on the mud flat and their phones were almost dead. The deputy was provided GPS coordinates and advised the hunters not to use their phones unless their situation changed and they needed to report back to the deputies.

The deputies launched two boats and arrived at the location. The deputies were able to get a rope to the stranded hunters and towed their boat off the mud flat without incident. The deputies learned that the motor was operational and the hunters returned to the Calumet Boat Landing on their own power.


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