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Marine Report- January 17, 2019


St. Mary Parish Sheriff Blaise Smith advises that over the last 7 days, the Marine Section of the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to the following incidents:


Call Out, stranded boat:  January 13, 2019, 4:15 pm, Wax Lake Delta, Camp Pass.

Deputies with the Marine Section were contacted by dispatch in reference to duck hunters in a vessel that were stranded on a sand bar.

Dispatch advised that a hunter called stating he and three friends were hunting when the tide went out and left them stranded on a sand bar at the Delta. The deputy made contact with the hunter via cell phone. The hunter stated they were in need of a tow off the sand bar and provided the deputy with coordinates of their location. The deputy advised the hunter that the Sheriff's Office would be en route and to call back if their situation changed.

While en route the deputy received a call from the hunter stating they were able to free their vessel and were headed in.  The deputy advised that they would continue to respond until the vessel arrived back at the Calumet boat launch.

The vessel arrived safely back at the Calumet boat launch.


Contact Information:

Public Information Officer
St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office