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Deputies assessing Delta Damage and Roadways


St. Mary Parish Sheriff Blaise Smith says deputies are "currently assessing" damage and roadways in St. Mary Parish.

Hurricane Delta Information:

Hurricane Delta moved through quickly, with minimal damage to St. Mary Parish. Deputies have been working through the night to remove trees on roadways and are assessing the roads leading to Burns Point and Cypremort Point.

Roads are basically passable in the parish, with the exception of LA 317 and LA 319.
LA 83-clear and passable.
LA 319- water level is dropping, some trees down on the roadway.
LA 317- currently water on the roadway past the hump

LA 319 to Cypremort Point and LA 317 to Burns Point are closed at this time.
When they are passable, deputies will be allowing those who are residents and those who have property at the points to access. Please do not attempt to go down those roadways to sightsee.

Public Information Officer
St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office