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Duval Arthur

Captain Duval Arthur, III

Narcotics Division




Captain Duval Arthur, III joined law enforcement in 2003 for the Berwick Police Department while also attending LSU. After graduating with a degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology, he accepted a position as a full-time law enforcement officer with the Berwick Police Department. In 2008, he accepted a position on the Narcotics Task Force at the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office. In 2016, Duval was promoted to the Rank of Captain supervising the operations of the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division. As a supervisor, he challenges the members of his division to continually strive to better themselves and the work they do in pursuing local drug dealers. In 2021, Investigations was placed under his command. Captain Duval also serves as a team leader and sniper for the Sheriff's Office Special Response Team.