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Sheriff Driskell Badge State of Louisiana showing the location of St. Mary Parish Louisiana
St. Mary Parish
St. Mary Parish Sheriff Driskell


Committed to Maintaining Excellence in Law Enforcement Through Courtesy, Professionalism, Honor, and Respect

Welcome to the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office website. Our biggest resource is an informed community. Empowering our residents with information on how to be safe and on the activities of our office makes a stronger, safer community. We encourage you to share the information on our website and to contact us with any questions you may have.

With a population of 52,000, St. Mary Parish is centrally located on the Louisiana gulf coast. The square mileage of the parish is divided equally between land and water, and is home to oil and gas, agriculture, seafood, and tourism industries. Therefore, the parish's law enforcement needs are as unique as the people who live, work, and play here. We are dedicated to the people, traditions, and diversity of our community.

Fight Fraud, Waste & Abuse! Call 844-50-FRAUD or Visit the LLA Hotline