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Crime Prevention


The number one way to deter theft and burglary in your home and vehicle is to lock your doors and your windows. Make it a habit. Criminals are opportunistic. By consistently securing your property you are less likely to become a victim of these crimes.



Do not leave your home unlocked.

Don’t leave the windows in your home unlocked.

Don’t grow potential hiding places for criminals. Landscaping should be trimmed away home entrances.

Light the entrances to your home and any dense bushes or trees to help deter criminal activity.

Installing heavy, metal or solid, wooden exterior doors along with a high quality locking system can help keep out criminals.

If you have a security system of surveillance system, be sure you maintain it. Keep the equipment in good working order and use it consistently.

Call 911 immediately in the event of a robbery or break-in or if you observe someone acting suspiciously. Do not enter the home!



Do not leave your vehicle unlocked or your windows open.

Do not leave your keys in the ignition or in the vehicle.

Do not leave your vehicle running unattended.

Remove personal property from view: cell phones, loose change, GPS devices, and laptops or tablets.

Call 911 immediately in the event of a break-in or if you observe someone acting suspiciously. Do not open the vehicle!



Maintain adequate lighting inside and outside your business during the day and at night.

Keep your front doors and windows clear of signs and posters to allow two-way visibility.

Keep expensive merchandise away from the main entrance.

Keep valuables in a safe and locked place during operating hours and after closing.

Use video surveillance systems consistently. Make it known that you are watching business activities. Be sure to keep security systems well maintained.

Keep side doors and back doors locked when possible.

Make bank deposits as often as possible, but vary the times deposits are made.

Call 9-1-1 immediately in the event of a robbery or break-in, or if you observe someone acting suspiciously or who you recognize from prior incidents.



Be aware of how and when you use your personal and financial information.

Never give personal or financial information over the phone or the Internet unless you initiated the contact.

Check your monthly credit card and bank statements regularly for any unusual activity.

Do not use your date of birth as your password.

Do not write passwords on papers you carry with you that could be lost or stolen.

Do not carry personal documents such as birth certificates or social security cards with you.

Check your credit report every 6 months to a year.

Report any unusual activity on statements immediately.

Report lost or stolen credit cards immediately.