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Archive: December 2016

Our Top Cops


The St. Mary Parish chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving recently honored law enforcement officers for their work in keeping the roads and highways of St. Mary Parish safe. Sgt Taurean Smith and Deputy Aprylle Bobbitt were presented with the TOP COP award for the Sheriff’s Office. Over the last year, Smith made 9 arrests on the charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Dty Bobbitt made 5 arrests. Overall, Sheriff’s Office deputies took a total of 46 suspected drunk drivers off the road. 41 were 1st offenses, 4 were arrested for 2nd offenses, and 1 was arrested for 3rd offense drunk driving. Through law enforcement efforts and the work of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, convicted offenders are shown the long term effects of impaired driving with the goal of changing their behavior and preventing future offenses. Sheriff Mark Hebert says, “These arrests represent lives saved. I commend Sgt Smith and Dty Bobbitt for their outstanding effort to keep our roadways safe.” The St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office joined Louisiana State Police, Chitimacha Tribal Police Department, Morgan City, Patterson, Berwick, Franklin, and Baldwin Police Departments at the Berwick Civic Center for the ceremony held Monday evening, December 5, 2016.


 woman speaking at podium to audience of officers and others



Below from left to right are Parish President David Hannagriff, Captain Sennet Wiggins, Sergeant Taurean Smith, Deputy Aprylle Bobbitt, Detective Whytley Jones, and Chief Deputy Scott Anslum 


6 people standing and smiling in suits and uniforms